It’s Launch Day for!

Have you been wondering what DegreeCast is all about? is a higher education search engine. It’s the first search engine to help prospective higher education students determine tuition and other costs associated with their preferred degree or program of study. And it launched today!

DegreeCast offers comparisons between schools and programs and provides a comprehensive data set of degree offerings at all levels. It currently features over 60,000 degree program listings from 1,800 colleges.

What does that mean?

DegreeCast is the first specialized search engine created to aggregate degree-level information across multiple schools and programs. It gives prospective students information regarding tuition costs, book costs, and institutional affiliations for internship purposes. It even shows the potential salary for a specific degree. Before today, students researching degree programs had to rely on horizontal search engines (Google, Bing). DegreeCast’s vertical search engine delivers in-depth search results. The goal is to make selecting a degree and narrowing the list of prospective schools a simpler process.

Bonus: Thousands of new schools and programs are being added to DegreeCast’s data set every month.

There are several billion-dollar market cap companies (Princeton Review, US World & News Report, etc.) which aggregate higher education data at only the institutional level. DegreeCast goes deeper into the data,returning detailed information such as a description of the program, department chair information, acceptance rates, credits, and costs. Until now users have not been able to access information regarding programs, staffing, relationships with corporations, or specific information such as book cost, credit and total program costs for multiple schools from a single online location. DegreeCast also offers several useful filtering options to make the task easier.

“Our dataset didn’t previously exist,” says DegreeCast CEO and founder Caleb Gandara. “This is a multi-year labor of love. We’ve been working for several years to build a foundation. DegreeCast now offers students access to deeper level data. Searches are faster and more to the point. We focus on simplicity and function in an effort to help students find their best educational match.”