Paralegal Degrees: Always Trending, Especially Right Now

From our friends at

From our friends at

There are only two possible answers to the following question:

When will you need legal advice?

  1.     Now
  2.     Soon

Buying a house? Signing a contract for a new job? Starting a company, executing a will, getting a copyright…  If you aren’t right now, you will at some point.  And so will everyone you know.

The demand for paralegals and legal assistants is exploding and will be for the next few years, according the U.S. Department of Labor Statistics. Paralegals, under the supervision of a lawyer, are rising stars in the legal world, helping firms do things like write contracts and prepare cases for court.

Joseph Spada, Esq. Director of Paralegal Studies at Boston University

“You are looked at as a rainmaker …paralegals are becoming in more vogue,” says Joseph Spada.

While a paralegal cannot give legal advice, modern paralegals have become profit centers for forward thinking law firms. “You’re looked at as a rainmaker,” says Joseph Spada, Esq, the program director of Boston University’s paralegal certificate certification program. Spada adds, “paralegals bill for their time and are able to create revenue for a law firm…paralegals are becoming more in vogue.”

We live in a world that rewards those who know the rules—and punishes those who don’t.  That’s why people who work in the legal profession are always in demand. Think of training in the legal field as the little black dress of the professional world. The Rolex of scholarly pursuits. The red convertible roadster of academia. Paralegal study never goes out of style.

"a paralegal on the team"

“A well-trained paralegal can be a great asset to the team” according to Kate Kleba.

“Increasingly, paralegals are taking on a greater responsibility in cases and deals,” says Kate Kleba, Esq., a lawyer at a firm in Philadelphia. “A well-trained paralegal can be a great asset to the team.”

And the best news is some of these paralegal degrees and certificate programs can be done entirely online, even at top-rated, prestigious institutions like Boston University. You can be anywhere online improving yourself and your family’s lives.

Want to study coursework in Real Estate Law, Probate and Family Law, and/or Business Law?  Or is Litigation your game?

It’s time to catch this industry’s wave as it’s rising.  It’s your adventure. Begin your legal studies and launch your future… now.


Boston University Paralegal Webinar, July 2015.  time stamp 4:18-4:42 – Visit to watch this recent webinar recording or contact for more information on upcoming events.

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Independence Day 2015, A Holiday for Flip Floppers

What was your first act of independence?

For most of us in America, it’s going to college. Whether you are a high school student moving away from home for the first time or you’re an adult degree seeker, going for your degree is a bold act of ambition. It’s a choice to be stronger and more successful as an individual.

A degree is a declaration of independence.

             Independence Day 2015, Is a Day For Flip Floppers

The American Founders, responsible for that Declaration of Independence we just celebrated, were blindfold haters. And now for a DegreeCast History Flashback!

We Americans love to talk about how brave the colonists were for standing up to the strongest government (with the biggest army) in the world. England was terrifyingly huge, much like Google or the Kardashian/Jenner family. Jefferson, Franklin, and Adams knew that declaring independence from the British crown was a BFD. No one had ever done it before.

But what drove those early 4th of July partiers wasn’t the thrill of punching out the giant.  It also wasn’t the future promise of lawn chairs, barbecued meats, and Bruce Springsteen. The colonists were simply tired of stupid games.

The British had been forcing the Americans to play an international game of Pin the Tail on the Donkey. “Close your eyes and just trust us,” the Brits might have said.  “We have your best interests in mind. We’ll give you options—just let us point you in the direction.”

Tired of the control from across the Atlantic, the revolutionaries wanted to make their own choices and choose their own destinies.

And 225+ years later, we still celebrate the time the revolutionaries flipped the tables and called BS on the British blindfolders.  Sure, Americans might sometimes put the tail on the donkey’s nose, but since 1776 we do it with our eyes wide open.  It’s our choice and our (jack)ass—and that’s the way we like it.

It’s Independence Day 2015, so our question here at DegreeCast: how do you pick a degree program? Do you know the many options you have or do you trust junk mail, dated booths at college fairs, and online banner ads?

It’s Independence Day any day you want. Declare yours with DegreeCast.

New Year Kickoff

Hello DegreeCast Community,

It’s been an incredible 2013, so we wanted to fill you in on new partnerships, plans, and product features as we take 2014 by storm.

Here are a few things that happened just this month:
-We were invited to the White House by the Department of Education!
-We partnered with the largest poetry channel on YouTube.
-We were invited to apply for several exciting grants by some of the biggest names in education.

White House and the Department of Education:
Earlier this month, DegreeCast was invited to the White House to take part in the Department of Education’s 2014 Datapalooza. The event was a one-day symposium to showcase and discuss the uses of government data and big data statistics in the higher education marketplace.

We made friends with the teams of several interesting projects who presented at Datapalooza. While we met a lot of impressive people, our favorites were.

Christina Allen, LinkedIn University Pages (@ChristinaAllen)
Find out what’s happening on campus, what current students are studying, and what alumni are up to now.

Abigail Seldin – College Abacus (@CollegeAbacus)
Helps students and families learn what different colleges will cost based on individual student circumstances

Laura Perna – University of Pennsylvania Graduate School of Education –
Research/expertise in Access, choice, and equity in higher education as well as College finance and affordability (@lauraperna1)

Dan Tangherlini –
In his presentation, he used Trulia as example of a site which uses, which we particularly enjoyed, because DegreeCast uses government data as well! Think we could ask @DanGSA if the next White House hosted education #datapalooza example could be

Partnerships and Online/Offline Productions:
We’re really excited to announce a partnership with Button Poetry (YouTube’s most popular poetry channel). Like Button Poetry, our passion is to make new academic and intellectual experiences more accessible, so we invited them to join us on our trip to the nations capitol. Button Poetry and DegreeCast have been working closely to develop co-branded event productions and online awareness campaigns that will be scattered throughout the new year. Keep eye-out for some exciting offline event productions within the Web Tech and Digital Media Arts community already on the calendar for 2014.

IMG_4014 IMG_4018

Grants and Government Contacts:

With encouragement and network support for our advisors, DegreeCast began exploring public and private grant opportunities to help further our social cause. We believe our mission of organizing the all higher-ed degree information in the United States and making it freely accessible to all degree seekers is a social good that should be promoted and sustained. This belief was affirmed while in Washington DC. The Department of Education announced the issuing of a Request For Information (RFI) from members of the higher-ed community who can assist degree seekers in completing the FAFSA. DegreeCast plans to respond to this RFI with the details of our upcoming FAFSA submission feature set to be released in late 2014 on

We’re extraordinary pleased with the progress we made in 2013 and look forward to making 2014 another banner year. Look here for more frequent updates on our progress.