Fantasy Commencement Speeches: Game of Thrones Edition 2017

Game of Thrones Grad - Commencement Speeches 2015

Game of Thrones Grad – Commencement Speeches

Imagine it:  you’ve done it. You’ve completed your college degree! Pop some bottles, take a selfie with grandma, and pat yourself on the back.

Now for the big question:  if you were in charge of the universe, who would be your commencement speaker at your graduation?

Welcome to DegreeCast’s Fantasy Commencement Draft:  Game of Thrones Edition.

You want advice about how to use your degree to carve a bloody path through the masses of your future?  There’s a GoT character who’s ready to drop some knowledge.

You choose…

Daenerys Targaryen

The Mother of Dragons would surely talk about seizing the day; she started at the bottom and now rules from the top of a pyramid.  Look for her, either to channel her inner Lena Dunham and talk about keeping it real in a man’s world or let her Beyonce spirit animal give advice about how to dominate the marketplace with shock & awe (and fire-breathing lizards—no offense Jay & Dr. West.)

Ned Stark

Capable of JFK-level barn-burner, the Lord of the North would deliver a “don’t be evil” speech that would make Google proud. Maybe the most honorable man in Westeros, the Stark clan patriarch would likely have a lot to say about integrity, loyalty, and the power of determination.  But would he keep his speech interesting for a large crowd or would he simply lose his head?

Cersei, The Queen Mother

If you think passive-aggressive moms know how to get things done, you’ll love Cersei’s advice about how to be aggressive-aggressive.  The Lannister matriarch isn’t afraid to break a rule, social norm, or the best wine glass in the house in order to get what she wants.  Her speech will scare you straight —not that there’s anything wrong with that.

The Hound

You want a quick speech than doesn’t mince words? Our guess: he talks for 1 minute and tells you to kill anyone who stands in your way. So it’d kind of be like a speech by Elon Musk, only shorter. And hairier and bloodier.



Tyrion Lannister

Let’s face it:  if you want wit, irreverence, and a great time, you have to pick the short man from King’s Landing. Tyrion not only knows how to party, he would probably give great advice as to how to do it for the rest of your life. Would he caution against the risks of letting nightlife overtake your job search?  Or would it be a seminar about how to turn your weaknesses into a boat launching success? Why don’t we just listen to Peter Dinklage himself?

It’s commencement speeches 2015 Draft season— so get inspired!  Discover who institutions have selected for their own Commencement speeches over the years. Some speakers are actually not even fictional– although how do you classify Ali G?

Your degree is an adventure.  Commence with your degree search now.

Independence Day 2015, A Holiday for Flip Floppers

What was your first act of independence?

For most of us in America, it’s going to college. Whether you are a high school student moving away from home for the first time or you’re an adult degree seeker, going for your degree is a bold act of ambition. It’s a choice to be stronger and more successful as an individual.

A degree is a declaration of independence.

             Independence Day 2015, Is a Day For Flip Floppers

The American Founders, responsible for that Declaration of Independence we just celebrated, were blindfold haters. And now for a DegreeCast History Flashback!

We Americans love to talk about how brave the colonists were for standing up to the strongest government (with the biggest army) in the world. England was terrifyingly huge, much like Google or the Kardashian/Jenner family. Jefferson, Franklin, and Adams knew that declaring independence from the British crown was a BFD. No one had ever done it before.

But what drove those early 4th of July partiers wasn’t the thrill of punching out the giant.  It also wasn’t the future promise of lawn chairs, barbecued meats, and Bruce Springsteen. The colonists were simply tired of stupid games.

The British had been forcing the Americans to play an international game of Pin the Tail on the Donkey. “Close your eyes and just trust us,” the Brits might have said.  “We have your best interests in mind. We’ll give you options—just let us point you in the direction.”

Tired of the control from across the Atlantic, the revolutionaries wanted to make their own choices and choose their own destinies.

And 225+ years later, we still celebrate the time the revolutionaries flipped the tables and called BS on the British blindfolders.  Sure, Americans might sometimes put the tail on the donkey’s nose, but since 1776 we do it with our eyes wide open.  It’s our choice and our (jack)ass—and that’s the way we like it.

It’s Independence Day 2015, so our question here at DegreeCast: how do you pick a degree program? Do you know the many options you have or do you trust junk mail, dated booths at college fairs, and online banner ads?

It’s Independence Day any day you want. Declare yours with DegreeCast.