New Amazon Career Choice Program Pays Up to 95% of Education Costs

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Amazon encourages fulfillment center employees to go back to school with their new Career Choice Program.

Amazon announced their new Career Choice Program this week. Amazon wants to help employees at  their fulfillment centers around the country pay for higher education. The program is aimed at Amazon Fulfillment Center employees with a minimum of three years of employment with the company. The remarkable thing about the Career Choice Program is that it does not require employees to study in an area that would further their career at Amazon. Further, it only pays for degree programs in higher demand areas that are known to pay well, like nursing, aviation science, and more. The company will pay, in advance, for up to 95% of the cost of tuition, books, and course fees for eligible fields of study. This is great news for the affected employees and for schools.  In fact, this sort of initiative is why DegreeCast.comexists. A large group of people, some of whom probably thought that higher education was a dream they couldn’t afford, now have funding but no idea where to start looking for eligible programs.

Dear Amazon (and especially you, Jeff Bezos) –

Here at DegreeCast we applaud your bold new Career Choice Program. Not only are you helping your employees better themselves, but you’re helping them in a way that does not necessarily help your bottom line, too.

The program looks amazing, and we would like to be a part of it. Our 100% free to use higher education search engine can help your eligible fulfillment center employees find a school that fits the guidelines of the Career Choice Program, matches their interests and is convenient to them geographically.’s in-depth search details over 10,000 certification and degree programs at more than 240 schools — and that’s just in the states with Amazon fulfillment centers.

We hope you’ll share our URL with your employees.  Even if you don’t, kudos to you for helping your employees fulfill their potential — and not just orders.


The DegreeCast Team